League moves closer to helmet decals honoring victims of police violence and system racism

Although the NFL’s primary concern for now relates to playing football in a pandemic, the league continues to spend time and attention to the other major issue of the moment.

The NFL continues to work toward allowing players to wear helmet decals that honor the names or initials of victims of police violence and/or system racism. Michael McCarthy of FrontOfficeSports.com reports that the decal initiative is now “likely” to happen.

Per the report, the league and the NFL Players Association are collaborating on a list of names. The possibility of helmet decals or jersey patches to honor people like George Floyd first emerged earlier this month. Helmet decals more recently have become the focal point.

The NFL has more than a little OCD when it comes to the uniform. Any deviation from the normal protocol happens reluctantly and either to commemorate significant team anniversaries or the passing of players, coaches, owners, or other key members of the team.