GNN Does NOT Accept Political Ads, But Despite This Ban, They May Show Up Anyway…

A Note From GNN’s Founder:
I wanted to post an explanation for any fan of Good News Network who may be seeing political ads on our website. We have always banned ads related to politics (and other topics), but lately we are having to work overtime to report and fight a barrage of divisive ads from unscrupulous campaign affiliates who are labeling them improperly and trying to sneak them into feeds by using “redirecting” tactics.

Although the vast majority of our viewers will not see them—only two readers have complained via email about election ads—I felt compelled to assure our audience that we would never overtly partake in partisan political advertising on GNN.

I was afraid, too, that viewers were silently vowing never to return, without asking for an explanation.

One poor woman in Florida is being inundated—but she’s become an ally in our fight. (Thanks, Lynn!) We have been working together with our ad network, which already has bans in place to block certain websites that are featured in the offending ads—but they are still showing up, despite robust technology designed to thwart them.

I apologize for any intrusion of politics into your daily dose of good news, and want you to know that I have spent hours on this issue over the last month—but to no avail, so far. Yet we are still working on it!

Our small business depends on our overall ad revenue to pay writers and editors, so we hope the situation improves… (If someone knows a compatible corporate or nonprofit sponsor willing to buy our inventory, which is seen by millions of people every month, do let us know! That would solve everything.)